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Laura Riem


Expert in animal behaviour and passionate about nature, I have dedicated my professional life to animals, particularly marine animals. I have been an animal caretaker and trainer for more than ten years, but also a naturalist guide and consultant in a marine wildlife rehabilitation center. I completed my professional career as a manager in different zoological services for more than five years. From the very beginning and throughout my professional career, I have sought to transmit my values and convictions through a guiding line: understanding, caring and protecting.

Over the years, I have become a coach and have always guided my teams with passion, empathy and respect. My harmonious and effective management and coaching philosophy is based on trust, communication and positive leadership to strengthen motivation and cooperation within the team. I seek above all to create a balanced and stimulating work environment by taking care to identify each person's role and personality in order to give everyone the ability to develop and create strong group cohesion, which are key success factors in achieving common goals.

Today, my goal as a consultant is to improve the well-being of the animals through a stimulating management based on positive reinforcement learning but also to offer an enriching and motivating work environment to the staff who care for them.
As an experienced fieldworker, dynamic, positive and open-minded woman, I am accustomed to working in a multicultural environment. My passion and convictions force me to have a rigorous work ethic based on communication and sharing. Indeed, the exchange of knowledge, techniques, opinions and visions is essential in my approach in order to involve people and move forward together in the same direction.

Collaboration between in situ and ex situ experts is also one of my priorities. I therefore seek to bring together and foster links between professionals in the field in order to develop research and conservation projects. The objective is to follow the constant evolution of our knowledge in order to continually offer innovative and up to date services.



For any additional information on services or partnerships, you can use this form or send me an email to contact@laurariem.com