• Animal Consulting

  • Animal Consulting



Implementation of innovative principles and leading standards for the management and the welfare of the animals through positive reinforcement training. Moreover, establishing a common ground with the people involved to develop an adapted plan and progress successfully together.
The approach is global: assess, analyze and understand the situation, discuss with the keepers, veterinarians and managers from the facility to develop positive and beneficial solutions for the animals and the professionals looking after them.

Choose the services you need in order to offer an inspiring and empowering management to the animals and the professionals looking after them.
Off-site consulting is also available for most of the services. You can contact me for more details. 


  • Behavior observations and analyses
  • Social structure
  • Nutrition & feeding
  • Health monitoring
  • Breeding & neonatal care
  • Animal transport
  • Introduction of new individuals
  • Infrastructures
  • Enrichment
  • Assessment of keepers - animals interactions
  • Recruitment


  • Implementation of positive reinforcement training techniques 
  • Development of training plans 
  • Discussion and feedbacks on training sessions 

Training approach: proactive, creative and variability - "Think outside the box"


  • Development of training plans for health monitoring routines and veterinary cares
  • Husbandry
  • Behavioral challenge assessment and solutions 

Team work between animals, keepers and veterinarians. 


  • Assessment of interactions between keepers and animals
  • Developing the skills of trainers to apply positive reinforcement training through training sessions with the animals, coaching, lectures and presentations 
  • Coaching to empower keepers / trainers for higher standards of animal management
  • Development of new public presentations
  • Increase showmanship for public presentations
  • Leadership development
  • Guidelines for internships programs


  • Long- and short-term planning management: set goals for a group of animals or department and elaborate a step by step plan
  • Budget and stock management
  • Development of protocols inlcuding health management, hygiene, safety, guest service, guidelines...
  • Creation of reports and files to store data for the animal's follow-up


For any additional information on services or partnerships, you can use this form or send me an email to contact@laurariem.com